Safety Concerns of Charcoal Grills

There is something about cooking outside that just makes everything taste better. So, at the first signs of warm weather, the grills appear in back yards everywhere. Of course, there is potential danger involved in cooking on any grill, but there are a few special concerns with cooking with charcoal. One of the first concerns

How do Gas Grills Work

There are two basic types of grills today — gas and charcoal. Gas grills are becoming more popular with each passing year, but they are also more complex. They are more difficult to set up and require more maintenance than traditional charcoal grills. In addition, the user of a gas grill is recommended to have

Facts about Ice Cream Ice Cream Facts all about Ice Cream Ice Cream George Washington Eskimo

Ice cream. It doesn’t take much to bring a smile to a child’s face, or a child-at-heart, if you just say those two frosty words. Ice cream facts are good and plenty, yet many people don’t know much beyond the fact that ice cream is sweet, cold, melty, and delicious, especially on a hot summer’s

Sour Dough Starters for Breads and Pastries

If you’re like me, you love anything sour dough. The sweet, tangy, pungent and subtle flavors are wonderful alone or in other recipes. With just a few ingredients, you can find in your pantry, and a little time, you can make your own delicious sour dough, at home. Sour dough is actually a process, referring

George Foreman Grill Gr100v

The George Foreman line of grills have been known for years now to be a wonderful and easy to use kitchen tool, with one little draw back. It’s an electric grill that can be used anywhere, and supposedly helps to reduce the amount of fat consumed in certain food items, such as burgers. The grill

Baking Tips and Advice

The Secrets to Baking Perfect Cakes While anyone can follow written instructions and make a cake from scratch, there are a lot of people that like to improvise and put their own personal touches to a recipe. So, how do you personalize a cake recipe, without ruining the end product? To begin, read the recipe

Where to Find George Foreman Grill Instructions

George Foreman kitchen appliances can be found in almost any reputable electrical outlet. It was sixteen years ago when the George Foreman grills first appeared on the market. People find cooking on the indoor grills is a quick and efficient way of producing food. George Foreman and Salton teamed up and managed to find a

Silicone Bakeware the Hype and the Truth

I saw some advertisements for silicone cookware and the hype looked good. I was very keen on the easy clean aspect in particular. The advertisements also claimed better cooking and easy turn out. My mild interest must have somehow reached my husband and he bought me a couple of pieces as a present. (You can

Tips for Buying Silicone Bakeware

There are many different companies making Silicone Bakeware and each company has a different formula for making it. Therefore it is important to know what you should be looking for when buying silicone bakeware. Silicone bakeware is sold at Target listing 175 different silicone products made by different companies such as Kitchen Essentials from Calphalon,

Grill George Foreman Garden Party Griddle

I bought this George Foreman 6 person indoor grill about two months ago. I would rather say it is for 4 persons. It is quite big when you have to bring it home or you have to find place for it, but is perfect size when you grill on it. First impressions I saw it