Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving should be a day when the whole family can enjoy being together while dining on a delicious meal. This should include the one responsible for cooking the fabulous feast. However, all too often the cook is exhausted before everyone arrives at the dining table. Preparing a large dinner for the family does not have

Easy Dinner Recipes

Mindful Munchies Food preparation has gotten to be a major chore for most of us. Day to day life moves so quickly, that it is often hard to find time to really take care of this most necessary task. It is the norm these days to “just add water”, heat, and call it dinner. My

Easy Potato Salad Recipe

This potato salad recipe only requires three ingredients, so it’s very easy to make. You can vary the flavor to your liking by changing the type of salad dressing you use. To make this easy potato salad, you will need the following ingredients: PotatoesHard boiled eggs or pickled eggsCreamy salad dressing (your choice of flavor) How many

Easy 100 Calorie Snacks

This is the time of year when many people begin thinking about the New Year ahead and creating their New Year’s resolutions. Dieting is the number one resolution made each year by millions of men and women and unfortunately it is also the resolution that is broken the quickest. The usual cause of diet failure

Easy Fruit Smoothie Recipes for Kids

Children love helping out in the kitchen and if they are going to enjoy the end results then so much the better. There are lots of easy fruit smoothie recipes for kids and the most popular may be the more colorful concoctions that are easy on the eye. A fruity drink that looks good is

Easy Breakfast Burritos to Eat on the Run

A breakfast burrito, with its savory ingredients all wrapped inside a soft tortilla, could very well be the perfect on-the-go breakfast food. Not only is it portable, but with a little advanced planning you can have all the ingredients on hand for a quick meal on the run. Breakfast burritos typically include (at the very

Drink Recipes Sangria

Harvest Sangria Not overly found of red wines? Or  maybe the tannins actually give you headaches. Try this Sangria made with other fruit wines then grape which will allow you the pleasure without the down falls. This recipe is an orchard style Sangria made with non traditional ingredients. Though it is very sweet some prefer

Dr Seuss Recipies

Georgeanne Brennan is the author of the “Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook.” In addition to creating a fun activity for families to do together, some of the recipes involve healthy ingredients, fruits, etc. Some of the ideas are original creations based on themes and ideas from the book and others are real-life adaptations of foods

Drink Recipes Gin and Tonic

A Gin and Tonic is a simple drink, but it is dangerously easy to get wrong; as a result, I rarely order them in a bar these days. The history of the Gin and Tonic is vague (but we definitely have the British to thank), but likely ties in with the perceived medicinal properties of

Do you have a Recipe for a Creative Meatball Recipe

I’m sure that most people have a favourite meat ball recipe that they use all the time; but meatballs do not always have to be the same they offer the versatility to make so many creative dishes. This recipe is one of my favourite meat ball recipe and very different from regular ones. They are